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Entry One – Houghington Motion Comic

Written & Directed by: Colin A Borden – Edited & Animated by: Ben Callahan

Produced by: Rob Overbeck and Anna Ramey

ENTRY ONE, the first in a proposed series, will take us all the way back to the beginning; Walter’s “uninteresting” birth, through his adolescent musings, to his trial-by-fire as a soldier in the brutal Zulu wars. This adventure is what started it all — Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III: Hero.

The Motion Comic is a new, visually striking approach to storytelling in which the pages of a standard comic literally come to life with animation, sound, and CGI atmospheres. Major studios such as Warner Bros and Marvel have recently begun rolling out their most prized heroes in Motion Comic formats on websites such as Vimeo and YouTube and play-for-pay episodes on iTunes.