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Written & Directed by: Romy Loor   /    Produced by: Anna Ramey

Edited by: Joe LaMattina Cinematography by: Evans Brown Music by: Bella Nox

The lives of five Angelenos intertwine as each strives to stave off loneliness and find love in a city that breeds isolation. CLAIRE (Heather Tyler) loves the grocery store and uses its safe walls to ignore her husband’s infidelity and her young son’s indifference. AGGIE (Bonnie Kathleen Ryan) is young and beautiful but can’t find a man. Her best friend BEA (Kiera Goodman) seems capable only of a relationship with a chocolate bar. FRANK (Dan Flapper) has met the woman of his dreams at the store, but her intimidating son and broken dates keep him from true love. EDDIE (Thomas Christensen) finds inspiration in Frank’s stake out and decides that the grocery store may indeed be the best place in the city to get laid.