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The Chronicles of Houghington

The World of Walter is vast — his adventures take him across all the Nine Skies and, in the case of Red Cube Pictures, across all platforms of media. From books to cartoons, from motion comics to live action, RCP is busy fleshing out THE CHRONICLES OF HOUGHINGTON for our hungry audience. Take a look at what we’re currently offering below:

Who is Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III…?

Orphaned to a lonely convent, young Walter S Houghington III’s only solace was his whimsical imagination and knack for play-acting. Finding his behavior odd and unbecoming of a gentleman, his strict care-taking Sisters conscripted Walter to Her Majesty’s Army and shipped him off to the heart of savage War!

Unprepared and unwilling as he was, prosperity shielded young Walter and he emerged unscathed –the sole survivor of a brutal battle. Returning home in a hero’s mold, Private Houghington discovered that a little imagination and a great story would carry the day and elevate him beyond celebrity… Now, SIR COLONEL WALTER S HOUGHINGTON III flies the Nine Skies in search of mystery, adventure, and the occasional romance, laughing in the face of danger, whilst recording it all in his voluminous memoirs for sale at only the finest booksellers.

But where does the man end and the myth begin?

THE CHRONICLES OF SIR COLONEL WALTER S HOUGHINGTON III began its development nearly a decade ago as one-man show and quickly broadened it’s horizons into a collection of short stories and now a feature-length screenplay. Walter’s world, set in an alternate history of airships and pirates, has a swashbuckling mix of adventure and comedy that had one major Hollywood Studio claiming Houghington “rediscovers that sense of mischief and wonder that has been all but bled out of the… ‘event’ movies of the last several years.”