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Hollywood Boulevard

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Commissioned by Unbridled Books to bring their latest novel to life, Red Cube Pictures presents a short scene culled directly from the pages of HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD by Janyce Stefan-Cole…

Ardennes Thrush is an award-winning movie star who suddenly and mysteriously quits acting at the height of her fame. She is back in Hollywood now, at the Hotel Muse, visiting her husband Andre, a world-renowned director struggling through his latest film. Ardennes, a contemplative woman, is also something of a voyeur, and as she watches the comings and goings in the hotel she begins to fear that perhaps she is being stalked. Her period of anonymity ends after a box of dead roses is delivered to her suite. When a Beverly Hills detective comes to investigate, a powerful attraction turns unexpectedly unprofessional and quickly carnal…

At once a noir novel and a psychological thriller, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD is the track of a very real emotional journey. With a deceptively simple style, the novel takes a compassionate look at a complicated character readers won’t be able to let go without regret.

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