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In Her Majesty's Secret Sewers

What is in Her Majesty’s Secret Sewers…?

It’s early, early days yet, but we’d like to announce that we’ve begun production on a new Walter S Houghington III adventure! That’s right, everybody’s favorite hero/memoirist is back, this time in a twelve part animated serial “IN HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SEWERS.” When eerie hauntings cause the Royal Family to flee their palace, world famous […]


Abigail & the Pearl Thieves DVDs

The DVDs for ABIGAIL & the PEARL THIEVES, our first live-action adventure from the Chronicles of Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III are on their way! The DVDs include some excellent behind-the-scenes featurettes and our Walter S Houghington III MOTION COMIC! A real winner of a disc! If you were one of our IndieGoGo contributors, […]

Walter S Houghington Motion Comic

Motion Comic Special Web Premiere!

It’s coming! Our Motion Comic, starring the voice of Callum Blue, will premiere online for our IndieGoGo contributors next month! On OCTOBER 1, 2012 check your email inboxes for your special invitation to view Walter S Houghington’s harrowing origin story before the rest of the world. It’s quite the story!



ENTRY ONE, our Chronicles of Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III motion comic is rapidly nearing completion. If you were among the wonderful people to contribute to our ABIGAIL & THE PEARL THIEVES fundraiser, then you’ll be one of the first to see the animated origins of our unlikely hero, Walter S Houghington III! Today, […]