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The Gift of the Miser

While our motion picture versions of Walter’s adventures are still cooking, we thought we’d take the time to share a written story — THE CHRONICLES OF HOUGHINGTON: THE GIFT OF THE MISER. Currently available on Smashwords, this FREE e-book is sure to bring a little extra suspense to your holiday season! Great for bedtime reading […]



Red Cube Pictures is pleased to announce our upcoming feature, QUARTER/LIFE! The Quarter-Life Crisis (n): a period of doubt and anxiety often occurring between your mid twenties and the rest of your crummy life. The comedy QUARTER/LIFE tells the saga of P-Day — the sarcastic nickname given to the marathon of parties attended by our […]

In Her Majesty's Secret Sewers

What is in Her Majesty’s Secret Sewers…?

It’s early, early days yet, but we’d like to announce that we’ve begun production on a new Walter S Houghington III adventure! That’s right, everybody’s favorite hero/memoirist is back, this time in a twelve part animated serial “IN HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SEWERS.” When eerie hauntings cause the Royal Family to flee their palace, world famous […]


Abigail & the Pearl Thieves DVDs

The DVDs for ABIGAIL & the PEARL THIEVES, our first live-action adventure from the Chronicles of Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III are on their way! The DVDs include some excellent behind-the-scenes featurettes and our Walter S Houghington III MOTION COMIC! A real winner of a disc! If you were one of our IndieGoGo contributors, […]