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How Was it Made: Entry One, Part 1

Who is Sir Colonel Walter S Houghington III? This was the question not only on our minds as we developed the man and his story, but also on the minds of every industry professional with whom we shared our completed feature length screenplay. Who is this guy? He’s a new hero in the vein of […]


The Gift of the Miser

While our motion picture versions of Walter’s adventures are still cooking, we thought we’d take the time to share a written story — THE CHRONICLES OF HOUGHINGTON: THE GIFT OF THE MISER. Currently available on Smashwords, this FREE e-book is sure to bring a little extra suspense to your holiday season! Great for bedtime reading […]



Red Cube Pictures is pleased to announce our upcoming feature, QUARTER/LIFE! The Quarter-Life Crisis (n): a period of doubt and anxiety often occurring between your mid twenties and the rest of your crummy life. The comedy QUARTER/LIFE tells the saga of P-Day — the sarcastic nickname given to the marathon of parties attended by our […]

In Her Majesty's Secret Sewers

What is in Her Majesty’s Secret Sewers…?

It’s early, early days yet, but we’d like to announce that we’ve begun production on a new Walter S Houghington III adventure! That’s right, everybody’s favorite hero/memoirist is back, this time in a twelve part animated serial “IN HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SEWERS.” When eerie hauntings cause the Royal Family to flee their palace, world famous […]